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Crest is an organisation that aims to promote high quality penetration testing for businesses through training and accrediting individuals and organisations that carry out these tests for different organisations globally. The accreditation process follows stringent rules to ensure that only knowledgeable, skilled and competent individuals and companies pass. Working with a Crest Penetration testing accredited expert guarantees high quality services and high level systemic security.

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Importance of Cyber Security and consequences of inadequate measures

Data Breaches in any organisation can expose trade secrets, competitive advantage, personal and financial information on clients and employees. This has a number of consequences including loss of competitive edge and therefore business, legal suits due to exposure of information and ultimately, the business will suffer major losses or even collapse. With adequate cyber security measures, this can be avoided.

As technology advances and as systems are getting more complex, attackers are also gaining sophisticated methods to compromise your business. Therefore the cyber security measures that worked a few years ago are now obsolete and require to be upgraded. Besides investing in penetration tests, you should also constantly invest in training your employees on the best cyber security measures in the market.

There are instances where malicious individuals have used one company to bring down another. They can do this through posting propaganda on different social sites which is then circulated all over the world. Your systems can therefore be used to engage in activities that would erode the public trust in your business and once this trust is eroded, your business is facing imminent collapse.

Clients have confidence when they are assured of their safety either online or offline. Their personal information, credit card information and any other information shared with the organisation either directly or indirectly should therefore remain secure and confidential. Businesses that are perceived to be unsafe lose clients over time since clients are not willing to expose themselves to unnecessary risks.

In order to protect the interests of its citizens, local and national governments have come up with different regulations on cyber security. These regulations ought to be complied with at different levels as failure to do so may attract penalties, fines and in some cases, jail time for the management team in question. This is one of the things that have pushed businesses to enhance their cyber security measures all year round.

Can businesses afford not to invest in cyber security?

A business that does not invest in this is setting itself up for failure. The government and other stakeholders are constantly educating clients, employees on cyber security. Besides, there is a lot of information online on security and all stakeholders have access to this information. Inadequate measures will be ultimately exposed and this may have negative consequences on the cash flow, profitability and the going concern of the business.

Every organisation irrespective of size, sector or whether it is a government agency, private business, local or international business should adequately invest in cyber security. If you do not have the internal capabilities to carry out the work, you should outsource it to qualified and experienced experts. It is an investment that is worth your time and money.